Frequently asked questions

The most important application questions concerning sprayers with cross-flow technology:

  1. #1 Which speeds are to be set?
  2. #2 Which quantity of oil is required?
  3. #3 How do I adjust the sprayer optimally?

    The best application is achieved at 4 m/s air speed. In order to take side gusts into account, the air speed should be measured with an anemometer on the side of the leaf wall facing away from the unit. This can be done at the start of a journey by visual inspection by adjusting the blower so that only slight leaf movements are visible when air emerges from the leaf wall.

    The actual application rate can be determined with suitable measuring cups by collecting at the nozzles.

  4. #4 Is it possible to treat neighbouring lines?
  5. #5 How fast can you drive?
  6. #6 Which nozzles should be used?
  7. #7 How is the application rate calculated?
  8. #8 Can the aggregate width be adjusted?
  9. #9 How can the unit be adjusted to changing wind conditions?
  10. #10 How often should the bearings be relubricated?