Frequently asked questions

The most important application questions concerning sprayers with cross-flow technology:

  1. #1 Which speeds are to be set?
  2. #2 Which quantity of oil is required?
  3. #3 How do I adjust the sprayer optimally?
  4. #4 Is it possible to treat neighbouring lines?
  5. #5 How fast can you drive?
  6. #6 Which nozzles should be used?
  7. #7 How is the application rate calculated?

    The application rate doubles exactly when the operating pressure quadruples and depends linearly on all other spraying parameters:

    • p = Operating pressure in bar (quadratic relationship)
    • pref = Reference operating pressure in bar (quadratic relationship)
    • Qref = Reference flow rate in l/min (depending on nozzle type and number) at reference operating pressure pref (linear relationship)
    • v = Travel speed in km/h (linear)
    • F = Application rate in l/ha (linear)
    • R = Row width in m (linear)

    See also ISO spray calculator.

  8. #8 Can the aggregate width be adjusted?
  9. #9 How can the unit be adjusted to changing wind conditions?
  10. #10 How often should the bearings be relubricated?