AS 400 with QU 14 H
AS 200 with QU 13.5 HD
AS 200 with QU 13.5 H
AS 600 with QU 14 H

Mounted sprayers

Extremely compact and designed to conserve resources, semi-trailers are particularly suitable for narrow tractors and small useful surfaces in special positions.
Energy and oil saving tangential fans make the Weber semi-mounted sprayer the optimum dosing system with the best possible application result.

The even air distribution through proven tangential fans has been in use for over 40 years, reduces drift and can be excellently adapted to vine rows. High-quality materials save weight and smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning.



AS 300 with QU 14 H
AS 300 with QU 14 H
OX aggregate
OX aggregate
  Tank capacity Length Tank width Mass Pump
AS 200 200 l 970 mm 860 mm 254 kg ~0,5 kW
AS 300 300 l 970 mm 950 mm 268 kg ~0,5 kW
AS 400 400 l 1030 mm 1060 mm 311 kg ~0,5 kW
AS 600 600 l 1250 mm 1360 mm 358 kg ~0,5 kW

Semi-mounted units can be equipped with all tangential fans of Weber, usually with type QU 13.5 H resp. QU 14 H.