Multi row & Recycling

Professional Weber enjambeur machines impress with extensive and high-quality basic equipment with their own oil unit, low energy consumption and suitability for road use. The resilient mechanics are unique and ensure maximum ease of use and flexibility.

Enjambeur technology does not only increase the area output but also enables the use of collecting walls to reduce drift for which a specially developed pump without foam formation is used.

quick-release fastener
quick-release fastener

The scissors kinematics with proportional control and position memory ensures safe travel at all times.
In addition to modular and exchangeable recycling options, the entire enjambeur structure can also be used as a supplementary semi-mounted alternative. Efficiency and degrees of freedom of the crossflow aggregates are thus optimally carried on.
The innovative and retrofittable recycling-kit is available for existing equipment for use in small plots

Overline Trailer



Recycling pump
Recycling pump
  Length Mass Tank width Stand width
NC 1000 3490 mm 1060 kg 1000 mm 1120 mm
NC 1500 3560 mm 1280 kg 1300 mm 1380 mm
NC 2000 3940 mm 1400 kg 1350 mm 1550 mm

Enjambeurs are typically equipped with crossflow fans of type QU 13.5 H or QU 14 H.

Overline semi-mounted device

The enjambeurs semi-mounted implement has the sophisticated scissor mechanism of the trailer units. Two additional, independently operable tangential fans can thus be designed.
Trailed implements (Cat 1) are supplied with hydraulic connections and PTO shaft (420 rpm) - conversely, connections are provided for the pressure supply of the boom part sections.

Uez-AS with trailer


Line width ventilator Mass Length width
≤ 2000 mm ≤ QU 14 H 480 kg 470 mm 1180 mm