Blower unit

Quiet and low-emission tangential fans can be combined in many ways and can be used as a unit, for example with integrated oil pump and cooling. The individual suspensions can be rotated around the vertical axis as standard and the inclination to the target surface can be adjusted as easily as the distance between the individual fans.
The separately selectable airflow is very uniform, ensures excellent application conditions and can be set independently of the power take-off shaft speed - the best conditions for turning.

The even air distribution through proven tangential fans has been in use for over 40 years, reduces drift and can be excellently adapted to vine rows. High-quality materials save weight and smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning.



side view
top view
The cross-flow generators type QU14...QU17 are JKI-approved; the rated speed is 1800 rpm.

  Outlet Mass Power Oil Nozzles
QU 13,5 H 1490 mm 128 kg 4,9 kW 25 l 2 x 5
QU 14 H 1690 mm 134 kg 5,3 kW 25 l 2 x 6
QU 15 H 2110 mm 179 kg 6,1 kW 36 l 2 x 7
QU 16 H 2530 mm 224 kg 9,1 kW 48 l 2 x 8
QU 17 H 2960 mm 270 kg 10,7 kW 48 l 2 x 9